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Event Promotion in Somerset County, NJ


Both your private and professional functions require some promotion so that people will know they are occurring. The same is true for performers who are trying to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. Frimp Giant Industry (FGI) offers a platform for artists to show off their talent at parties and other special events we host. Grab the attention you deserve starting now.


With so much happening in the world, your event could get lost in the crowd. We do event and artist promotion that shines a spotlight on you.

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We already have a slate of upcoming events, but we are always looking for new challenges. Call us for assistance in planning your special event.

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Events large and small need the right team behind it, from planning to execution. We have job opportunities for individuals who qualify.

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All Parties Benefit from Cross Promotion

At FGI, we specialize in event promotion in Somerset County, NJ for all types of celebrations. Because we know that many established performers are looking for artist showcase opportunities, we recruit them to perform at our events. If you are interested in promoting your talents and helping us promote events, contact our event planners by phone, email, social media.

The Entire World’s a Stage


If you are a performer, you will compete against other entertainers in a talent competition or talent battle at our events. We are looking for performers that can think outside the box and provide new entertainment ideas. As such, diverse competition will include makeup, rap, band, and best-dressed battles.

Additionally, we will partner with established artists to help us discover new talent. This approach to recruiting increases the visibility of all parties involved.

Event promotion services include showcasing artists in a variety of local nightclubs, and we will have a daytime event where younger talent will be able to attend and perform, with parental permission signed the agreement.

You need to be at least 21 and up to apply. If you are younger, you can follow us on all social media platforms. Entertainers we are attempting to recruit include:

  • DJs
  • Artists
  • Music Artists
    (Well-Known & Emerging)
  • Makeup Artists
  • Models

The Attention You Crave

When you help us promote events, you help yourself, too. Our event planning services give you and other entertainers the opportunity to be showcased all over the world. We will promote all success stories on television, radio, and live streaming on the internet.

Your Support Is Appreciated

Attract new patrons for your business by becoming a sponsor for our events. Interested parties should contact us for a consultation, during which we will discuss the extent of what you want to promote, the benefits of becoming involved, the extent of your participation, and a term and conditions agreement. Whether you have a large or small business, your support will pay off through effective promotion of your products or services.

If you have an upcoming event or if you would like to be showcased at an event, please contact us today.