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Event Live Streaming in Somerset County, NJ

On the Current Slate

Our introductory party will be held in New Jersey in the summer of 2017, and we are searching for talent to perform at it. We already have interested parties and performers, but we are waiting for you to sign up and be part of this event, too! FGI is keeping the venue under wraps until it gets closer to the big day.

Because we think it’s important to document an event, we will record everyone that comes in and out of the venue. Event live streaming in Somerset, NJ will occur, during which we will be connecting with other countries. That means if you perform on our platform you will be seen simultaneously at different locations around the world and vice-versa. People will have to sign an agreement to enter our platform. We plan on having events at each venue run from approximately 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

In the Planning Stages

Other parties are in the planning stages for Ghana for Christmas 2017 and London for February 2018. Starting in 2018, we will begin simultaneous event streaming from 3 different countries. For artist showcasing for these events, call our event managers today.

We will be charging an entrance fee of $40.00 for women, $60.00 for men, and $70.00 for VIP guests. Additionally, VIP members will receive free drinks, free dinner, and special VIP seating. We will identify VIP members with a wristband at events.