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This is a device that will be an add-on to your car to increase communication on the road to the next level. The device is a program made up of multiple functions. This program will have standard features projecting what the driver is about to do. For example, if the car is about to make a right turn, it will show on the top of the car a clear signal that says; In the next 1 mile, the car is either turning left, or the car is exiting the highway. This will allow surrounding cars to see what the driver intends to do.


This communication prevents complication when switching lanes for all drivers both new and old. This program will be connected to the GPS system the user will be using. It allows customers to interact with surrounding cars through a text feature. For example, after they make the right turn they can say thank you, using cool effects to the other driver who let them pass.  This text feature will be censored for obnoxious language. It also alerts the customer and surrounding drivers to slow down before they get a ticket when they are above the speed limit. It could also be used for advertisement in different forms. This smart device is to limit accidents overall.  This program will be updated as time goes on and will reduce accidents on the road.

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