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Communication Technology & Vehicle Manufaturing Company 

Project 1: Vehicle Communication

Frimp Giant Industry is a Prototype and Vehicle Manucaturing Company in NJ offering Business &Technology cunsultation services, while developing the New Brand Vehicles and High Technology products for consumers.

Company Vision 
I am a Giant


Frimp Giant Industry (FGI) is a product development company that works on new and innovative products. We will be Manufacturing a New brand of vehicles with special technology differentiating our vehicles from other Top brands. FGI is the future of our generation, an event company of new technology.This company offers a diverse profile of new products that will save and change many lives. These products range from simple to high-end artifacts which will impact today’s economy.

FGI has designed a new product that helps cars communicate better on the road to help prevent accidents. This system monitors and informs current and real-life conditions of the car while allowing for other surrounding cars to be informed. This Communication system prevents texting and driving. This is because we include a function when the driver speaks, it changes the content into text on the phone and sends the text to the intended recipient. This will eliminate texting and driving. Also, instead of only using car signals to determine what the car is about to do, we want to introduce words, pictures, and voice to inform other surrounding cars. This will allow for knowledge of the current, live, and future intent of the driver controlling the car.

This company hosts events to celebrate our new and innovative ideas with our following crowd.


At FGI, we are Giants, and if you are reading this, you are also a Giant in your own way. Keep believing in yourself and your talent, and that will be your future.

Come to our events to have fun and support our innovative developments.
Please help kickstart at the top, thanks.

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Vision Description

The purpose of our Vision is to connect people around the world. The goal of our events is to reach multiple countries in search of different types of talent and help them succeed. We help talented people gain recognition and help companies advertise their products with our technology we will be developing. Using short advertising videos for promotion, we will create a link between talent and the world and this link will begin at our event/ meetings. These people could then go on to be hired into companies that are international or local. This international connection will give high recognition to the event sponsors.


Everyone participating wins in some way. It also gives talented people the chance to achieve their goals with no boundaries around the world and exposes talents to companies that need them to solve global problems. We will show success videos that involved FGI to spread the word about the services and good work we provide. Also, this event and meeting exposes talents located in different countries to connect and build with each other when they are interested in each other’s work. This will remove most restrictions and allow for both the wealthy and poor to connect. This will allow for problem-solving at a faster more efficient pace both internationally and locally. The event will create more opportunities globally, and it will become the next way of advancing technology. A lot of personal goals will be reached, and a lot of problems will be solved. This is because Our “Future Generation Industry – FGI” will have global talents, that will be now within reach. At a dial of a phone call, we will connect to help problem solve. From the professional level to potential upcoming businesses everyone gets a chance to achieve or solve a problem, so we have a better future.First few hours and the last few hours of our event and meetings will be dedicated to the videos of the companies sponsoring. You must sign an agreement to enter our platform and venue with our event coordinator.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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NAICS Codes:
512191, 561990, 711310

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